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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Maurice Jones-Drew says breaking Emmitt Smith's rushing record is 'doable' |

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who says he doesn’t want to talk in the media about his contract dispute with the Jaguars, talked about it publicly Tuesday for the second time in as many weeks. Jones-Drew, who said last week that he is dealing with the business side of the NFL in an interview on the NFL Network, and wants to get something done (a new contract extension), repeated that statement in a radio interview with The Ticket in Denver after playing a round of golf there.

Ahead of schedule

A couple of months out, Macky Weaver likes where things stand. Weaver, the Jaguars’ Senior Vice President of Sales, said the team is ahead of last year’s pace for season-ticket sales and that he expects the team will surpass the number of season tickets sold for last season within about five days. The season-ticket sales period extends through August. "We’re a couple of months ahead," Weaver said.

Jones-Drew: Breaking Emmitt record doable - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Maurice Jones-Drew must be spending too much time in the sun while he’s been staying away from the Jaguars. Jones-Drew I don’t understand how this question came up in a recent interview on The Ticket in Denver. Also, I understand players are programmed to say "I can do it" to virtually any question about ability and/or achievement.