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Jaguars Don't Have Worst Odds At Super Bowl XLVII

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As we're in the literal dead season of the NFL, that rough 4-5 weeks between minicamp and the start of training camp, news and discussion is tough to come by. So, while mindlessly surfing this here internets I stumbled across the odds for Super Bowl XLVII. Low and behold, the Jacksonville Jaguars don't have the worst odds at the Super Bowl. That honor belongs to the Cleveland Browns at 200/1.

The Jaguars aren't far behind however, coming in second to last tight behind the Browns and tied with the Indianapolis Colts at 150/1 to win the Super Bowl according to Bovada. This really isn't much of a shocker, considering where the Jaguars are at. The team's with the best odds are the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots with 13/2 odds, with the defending champion New York Giants sitting at 18/1.

But hey... it's a good bet if you have some spare change, I guess.