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Josh Scobee: 'It’s Been A Long, Frustrating Offseason For Me'

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The Jacksonville Jaguars hit kicker Josh Scobee with the franchise tag, as he was set to be an unrestricted free agent. The two sides talked contract for a hot minute, but according to Scobee's agent a few days ago the two sides haven't spoken in months.

"It's been a long, frustrating offseason for me," Scobee told Tania Ganguli of The Florida Times-Union. "To get to sit back and not be at practice with my team and do things on my own, it's been very weird to tell you the truth, I feel disconnected from my team in a sense, and anxious to see guys on the field and meet some of my new teammates."

Scobee theorhetically could just sign his franchise tender and get into camp with his teammates, but he doesn't seem too keen on playing on the one-year contract that will pay him $2.88 million.

"I just don't see a point in showing any good faith to the team if they're not going to negotiate," Scobee told Ganguli. "There's no reason for me to show up on my good faith being that I'm the player, I'm the employee, when they choose not to speak. I don't expect them to reward bad behavior and I won't reward them with the behavior that they're treating me with."

Scobee also seems to think that playing under the tag could negatively impact his mental state and performance.