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Justin Blackmon Arrested For DUI

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Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick Justin Blackmon was arrested for "aggravated DUI" just outside of Stillwater, OK early Sunday morning. Kelly Hines of the Tulsa World first reported the incident shortly after 10 a.m. when Blackmon was booked into the Payne County Jail. Aggravated DUI requires the blood-alcohol level of the driver to be at least .15, according to Oklahoma law .

This would be Justin Blackmon's second DUI in the past three years. In October of 2010, Blackmon was arrested for a DUI in Texas after driving back to Stillwater from a Dallas Cowboys game.

Blackmon has yet to sign his rookie contract, which is expected to be valued somewhere around $20 million overall. This is the first time a Jaguars draft pick has been arrested between being selected in the draft and prior to signing their rookie contract that I can remember. I'm sure the arrest will effect contract negotiations a bit. It's also worth wondering if this DUI, being Blackmon's second, will bring punishment from the league.

When asked, the Jaguars issued the following response:

We are aware of the report and are continuing to gather information. We have no further comment at this time.