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Late Rounders, Featuring Aaron Morgan

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Late Rounders, directed by Evan Marshall
Late Rounders, directed by Evan Marshall

For those of you who follow along on twitter, you've probably seen mention the documentary called Late Rounders. It's a film about some undrafted free agents and their stories and journey to make it to the NFL. Recently, Late Rounders made it's way to Netflix after some limited release and is now available on Netflix Instant. I was able to watch part of it this morning, the portion featuring Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Aaron Morgan.

You can watch Aaron Morgan's introduction in the film by following this link.

Morgan's personal story was pretty interesting. I was unaware that while he was a 17-year old freshman at Louisiana-Monroe, he had to deal with the death of his older brother and the news that his mother was suffering from breast cancer. If you watch the film, you can see these events shaped Morgan's maturity and dedication to football. It also has some insight from his coaches at ULM, who do nothing but rave about Morgan's potential at the next level and the fact that no coach will feel bad for giving him a shot to make their roster.

Morgan is a defensive end the Jaguars like quite a bit and has shown some flashes while sticking on the roster. Morgan was forced to miss last season with a shoulder injury, but he's gotten noticeably bigger from past seasons when he played at 240 pounds and doesn't have seem to be any slower. If you've got some time, I'd highly recommend the film which also features Corey Peters, John Connor, and some other "late rounders".