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Derek Cox: A Secret Superstar?

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Who's up for a nice little break from talk of mixing alcohol with cars? I know I am.

On ProFootballFocus they have had a recent series of posts highlighting some of the NFL's "Secret Superstars" and a few days ago they recognized the play of Jaguars cornerback Derek Cox (h/t to Jagorama).

While Cox has the benefit of having Rashean Mathis for another year, Mathis isn’t getting younger and soon Cox will be the one to line up at left cornerback and at times shadow the opponent’s elite receiver. Until Mathis leaves, the Jaguars’ defense will benefit from having both players on the field and as long as Cox can stay healthy, he could be the difference between a very good defense and a great one.

Cox had some struggles in his first two seasons and was injured for 10 games in his third season, but during the six games he started in 2011 he played really well. If he can stay healthy in 2012, I agree with PFF that he could be a very good CB.