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Jaguars Can Give Justin Blackmon 'Smaller, Deferred' Signing Bonus

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As noted in an earlier update, the Jacksonville Jaguars plan to protect themselves when it comes to Justin Blackmon's rookie contract. Adding more to that, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN the Jaguars can give Blackmon a "smaller and deferred" signing bonus and less guaranteed money.

I mentioned previously that this is what it meant when the team was going to try to "protect themselves" with the contract. The guaranteed money in rookie deals now is the big negotiation point for rookie contracts, but it sounds like Justin Blackmon will be getting a lot less guaranteed money than his fellow Top 5 draft picks, and deservedly so. I'm not sure if teams are allowed to include language in rookie deals about getting back guaranteed money if he were to have another incident, but I'd imagine it will be in there if possible.

Hopefully... this will be the last bit of news on Justin Blackmon, but I doubt it.