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Favorite Jaguars Highlight

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As we try to take a bit of a break from the Justin Blackmon news, I wanted to try to look at something a little fun. SB Nation wanted us to take a look at our favorite Jacksonville Jaguars highlight in team history. Being the Jaguars we don't have a big history to choose from, but we still have some great moments. My personal favorite moment was from the Jaguars 1999 season in the AFC Divisional playoffs. The Jaguars were leading the Miami Dolphins 10-0 early in the first quarter when Fred Taylor had one of the best runs I've seen.

So what's your favorite Jaguars highlight? This one probably stuck with me so much because I was at the game and just 16 years old. It was one of the moments early in Fred Taylor's career, one of many moments, that just made you go "Wow." I think some of us forget just how good Taylor was.