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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

More than review

Mike Mularkey is a fan of the Jaguars’ defense. These days, the feeling is mutual. That’s not just because the defensive players have bought into the good feeling around the organization, though they have done so. And it’s not just that they like what the new head coach has brought to the team, though they do. We’re talking a more basic, Xs-and-Os thing here. Think the Jaguars’ defense is the afterthought story of the offseason?

Jaguars' Blackmon pleads not guilty to misdemeanor DUI |

Wide receiver Justin Blackmon, the Jaguars' first-round draft pick, pleaded not guilty to a charge of misdemeanor aggravated DUI on Monday in Payne County (Okla.) District Court. A hearing was set for July 24, three days before the Jaguars are scheduled to have their first training camp practice. Blackmon was expected to return to Jacksonville today for offseason conditioning drills and is likely to hold a news conference this week.

Upside guys to watch this fall - AFC South Blog - ESPN

The time is now for Eben Britton, who returns from a herniated disk in his back that needed surgery and cost him all but four games last season. The Jaguars loved Britton as a second-round pick out of Arizona in 2009. He’s a bright guy who will have no problem understanding what it is the new Jaguars offense calls on him to do. Britton moves well, which should allow him to steer defenders out of the way of the spot where Blaine Gabbert intends to throw from and the lane where Maurice Jones-Drew intends to run.