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Justin Blackmon To Meet With Gene Smith, Mike Mularkey

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The Jacksonville Jaguars rightly issued a no comment on the Justin Blackmon situation and we've yet to hear from Blackmon himself. According to Steve Wrigley of Action Sports 360, Blackmon was on his way back to town on Monday and will meet with both Gene Smith and Mike Mularkey.

DUI attorney and NFL agent John Phillips talks Blackmon.

I spoke with the Jaguars Monday afternoon. They tell me that Blackmon is on his way to Jacksonville and will meet with general manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey. The Jaguars say that once they talk with Blackmon in person they will be able to comment on his arrest.

It's expected that at some point this week Blackmon will hold a press conference with the media and undoubtedly apologize for the event. Hopefully this will be the last bit of news on this subject, outside of what Blackmon says at the press conference, so we can move on to other things.