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Justin Blackmon DUI: Jaguars Want WR To 'Take Ownership Of Situation'

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As Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick Justin Blackmon heads back to Jacksonville to meet with general manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey, the Jaguars organization wants Blackmon to take ownership of the situation. According to a report by Len Pasquarelli, the Jaguars don't believe they're cursed at the wide receiver position as some have joked/suggested, but the team wants Blackmon to own up to his mistake.

"It has nothing to do with anyone but (Blackmon)," a Jacksonville official told The Sports Xchange on Monday evening. "We'll deal with him on this incident ... not any ghosts of the past."

"It's (look in the) mirror time. He's going to have to 'fess up,' take ownership of the situation, and lay out a course for dealing with this thing head-on," a Jaguars official told The Sports Xchange.

Blackmon seemed remorseful his first run in with alcohol and police, but he ran into the same situation again. Blackmon is likely to hold a press conference sometime this week to address the issue, but his words are likely going to be lost on a lot of people, given what he said the first go-round. You know what they say, words are wind.