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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

A serious matter

There were things Justin Blackmon couldn’t say. What the Jaguars’ rookie wide receiver did say during a somber, apologetic press conference Wednesday at EverBank Field is he plans to learn from his mistakes last weekend, and looks forward to a chance to move forward. Mostly, he said he wants to make things right. "I just want to let people know that’s not who I am – and that’s not who I’m going to be," Blackmon said.

Honoring Fred Taylor is good timing for Jaguars |

The Jaguars calling a Thursday morning press conference for a "special announcement" regarding Fred Taylor instantly created speculation of his expected induction into the Pride of the Jaguars, the team's ring of honor. It's not about just giving Taylor a reward that everyone knew was coming, but doing it now also gives the team a much-needed public relations lift after the negative events of the past week. Between the city erroneously sending the Jaguars a default letter on their lease, followed by Justin Blackmon's arrest on an aggravated DUI, this franchise wanted to regain some lost offseason momentum.

Video: Blackmon unlikely to be suspended - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Chris Mortensen discusses the chances Justin Blackmon will be suspended, how the DUI charge will affect his contract negotiations, and Darren Woodson and Damien Woody talk about how he will be mentored by veterans.

Speakers had just warned Blackmon, Jags - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey’s been having speakers visit with his team at the end of OTA weeks, people in position to spell out the consequences of bad decisions. Last Friday, two Jacksonville lawyers were Mularkey’s guests. "Two attorneys from town … talked about not just alcohol but guns, speeding, all the things that if you don’t do it right, these are the consequences of your actions," Mularkey said Wednesday as the Jaguars and Justin Blackmon discussed the draft pick's DUI arrest. "That’s what’s frustrating. It was just presented that Friday morning, and we had an incident over the weekend."