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Jaguars Interested In Chad Ochocinco? I Doubt It.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars took a big step in addressing their wide receiving corps by adding Laurent Robinson in free agency and Justin Blackmon in the 2012 NFL Draft. The team also supplemented their corps with taking a shot on Lee Evans with a one-year deal.

The New England Patriots released Chad Ochocinco on Thursday after an abysmal season with the Patriots, catching just 15 passes for for 276 yards and struggling to even get on the football field. While I don't believe the Jaguars have realistically any interest, according to a report by Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, the Jaguars are a name that keeps coming up with Chad Ochocinco.

The name that keeps coming up as a suitor is Jacksonville. That's the odds-on favorite, at least according to people around the league. I don't see that either.

Freeman notes he doesn't see that happening and as I said, I don't either. It just reeks of the "attach free agent wide receiver past prime to the Jaguars, because they need wide receivers." Not to mention this type of signing would be the total opposite of Gene Smith's modus operandi.