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Worst Free Agency Busts In Jaguars History

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It's the list time of the year for the NFL. With very little else going on, subjective rankings of anything and everything related to football are very popular. Just ask NFL Network and their top 100 list that is popular enough to warrant a reaction show immediately following the reveal of 10 more players.

With the release of Aaron Kampman came debate on Twitter about where his signing ranks among the worst in the history of the franchise. And before you say otherwise, it undoubtedly was one of the worst. A four year contract worth $24 million with $11 million guaranteed is supposed to yield more than four sacks.

The Jaguars rolled the dice and they lost. It happens. Whether or not signing Kampman was worth the risk is certainly something worth debating, but he was, without question, a free agent bust. Was he the worst in franchise history, though?

5. Bryce Paup

The 1995 AP Defensive Player of the Year and four-time Pro Bowl (1994-1997) pass rushing linebacker of the Packers and Bills joined the Jaguars in 1998 on a contract that made him the second highest paid linebacker in the NFL behind only Junior Seau of the Chargers.

Hopes were very high for the 30-year old that had recorded an NFL-high 17.5 sacks just three seasons earlier, but he was underwhelming in his first season with just 6.5 sacks in 1998 and downright awful in his second season recording just one sack. Paup was released and played just one more season with the Vikings in 2000 before retiring.

4. Hugh Douglas

Douglas said it best when he put in his Twitter profile "vacationed in Jacksonville." After recording 37 sacks in three seasons with the Eagles, Douglas signed a five-year, $27 million contract with the Jaguars with about $6 million guaranteed. He played one full season with the Jaguars, starting every game and recording 3.5 sacks before getting released in the 2004 training camp.

His arrogance and pride about "stealing" from the Jaguars, coupled with his lazy play during his time in Jacksonville has made him a hated figure among Jaguars fans. Had he received a little more guaranteed money and had he started fewer games, perhaps he could've ranked higher than the next on this list...

3. Aaron Kampman

If character counted on a list like this, Douglas would certainly count as a bigger bust than Kampman. Because he's such a great, classy guy you aren't going to find too many people wringing their hands about the signing. But the reality is that he signed a four-year contract worth $24 million with $11 million guaranteed and he essentially played in just eight games.

After a strong start with the Jaguars that included four sacks in eight games he tore his ACL and was never able to fully recover to the point that he could make a strong impact on the field again. He was released on Thursday, June 7 and logic says he will likely retire from football now.

2. Drayton Florence

Any time someone gets a six-year contract you obviously want more than one year's worth of play for your investment. It's even worse when you only get one year from a player that was guaranteed $12 million in said contract.

Florence was bad in his one season with the Jaguars, not recording a single interception, and his struggles were exacerbated due to the size of his contract. He started in just eight games as he struggled to win a starting spot and was unceremoniously released following the 2008 season.

1. Jerry Porter

Six years, $30 million with $10 million guaranteed for 11 receptions. Need I say more?

After one season with the Jaguars in 2008 he was released and couldn't find another job for two straight seasons before signing with the Montreal Alouettes in 2011.