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Rams To L.A. In 2014, Predicts Jason La Canfora

There has been increasing talk about a team moving to Los Angeles in the near future and thankfully not much of it has surrounded the Jacksonville Jaguars, as it shouldn't. It does appear that a team could be in Los Angeles in the near future however and CBS Sports Jason La Canfora predicts that it will be the St. Louis Rams who make the jump to California.

The Rams' lease indicates the Edward Jones Dome must be in the top quarter of the league in several categories or the team could exit following the 2013 season, and the team and local government are at odds over the amount of money required to upgrade the facility in order to do so. Precisely, they're probably a good $500 million apart, and the sides have entered binding arbitration that could extend through the year. Owner Stan Kroenke has ties to L.A., the team still has an office in the area, and Kroenke has been noncommittal at best about any long-term future in Missouri.

La Canfora thinks that the Rams will be playing in Los Angeles by the start of the 2014 NFL season.

La Canfora also reiterates what many in the know in Jacksonville have said, the Jaguars aren't moving to L.A.

Some will mention the Jaguars as being possible candidates, but people I talk to in the league don't see it, at least not in the next few years. Shahid Khan wants to try to make it work in Jacksonville and only a sometimes-overbearing local government is seen as a potential problem. Should they get a little too pushy, perhaps things get interesting, but no one I talk to sees the Jaguars as the first team to L.A., if they end up there at all.