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Black and Teal Legends: Counting Down the Top Twenty-Five Jaguars of All-Time (#13)

We continue our list of the Top-25 Jaguars of all-time. Most of you felt that Gary Walker wasn't worthy of being the #14 player on our countdown, and to be honest I somewhat expected that result. Partly because of his limited time as a Jaguar, and mostly because he kind of gets lost in the more higher profile names this team has had, (if there is such a thing as a high-profile Jaguar).

Our #13 player is likely to get as much debate as any on this list who didn't kick on special teams. I'm almost certain many of you are going to think he is too low, but frankly compared to the others remaining on the countdown, he ranks pretty much where he should, in my opinion.

Here we go...

#13. Daryl Smith, LB, 2004-Present

Smith was drafted in the second round of the 2004 draft, and since his arrival in Jacksonville, he's been the figurehead of the defense.

He made an immediate impact in his rookie season, starting 13 of 16 games while fighting through a knee injury to still register 78 tackles, 2 sacks, and an interception. Smith played the next two seasons in 2005 and 2006 without missing a game, and was an intricate piece of a defense that was among the most feared in the league and returned the Jaguars to post-season relevancy. Over that time frame, he was among the leaders of the defense and racked up a solid 160 tackles, 7 sacks, and 2 interceptions.

Smith's greatest attribute, besides being a dependable tackle machine, has been his versatility. Over the course of his career, he has played and started at all three linebacker positions at one point or another. He's also been known as a strong presence in the locker room, and has been a team captain since the league began allowing the designation in 2007.

His play has been consistent every year he's been a Jaguar, and he perhaps had his best season in 2011. Smith finished the year with 107 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and an interception, on a defense that finished ranked 6th in the NFL. Despite his outstanding play, Smith was not considered for the Pro Bowl, something that has become an annual occurance for him. His production over his time as a Jaguar has often been overlooked in the national media, either due to the small-market visibility of the team or him playing in the shadow of more nationally recognized players such as Marcus Stroud, Mike Peterson, and John Henderson.

Though the media might overlook Smith's play, he is a fan favorite amongst Jags fans and is often held in the same light as Brad Meester is on the offensive side of the ball. That being, a player who has always been a durable, productive, good guy, who will almost certainly will remain a career Jaguar. The difference in Smith and Meester, is Smith has had seasons where his play has steadily been at an All-Pro level.

The Top-25 List:

#25. Aaron Beasley, CB, 1996-2001

#24. Bryan Barker, P, 1995-2000

#23. Donovin Darius, S, 1998-2006

#22. David Garrard, QB, 2002-2010

#21. Josh Scobee, K, 2004-Present

#20. Kyle Brady, TE, 1999-2006

#19. Kevin Hardy, LB, 1996-2001

#18. Brad Meester, C, 2000-Present

#17. Vince Manuwai, G, 2003-2010

#16. Mike Peterson, LB, 2003-2008

#15. Mike Hollis, K, 1995-2001

#14. Gary Walker, DT, 1999-2001

#13. Daryl Smith, LB, 2004-Present