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Training Camp Previews: FOX Sports On Jaguars


With only roughly two weeks until the Jacksonville Jaguars begin training camp, we'll begin seeing power rankings and some season previews. I found one particular season preview by FOX Sports Pete Schrager that I thought was very good, reasoned, and thought out. You can read the full preview by following this link, but here's what Schrager's prediction for the Jaguars was, which I think is fair.

Schrager prediction: I think the additions of Mularkey, Blackmon and Robinson will make Gabbert a much-improved quarterback this year. He also has had an entire offseason to prepare, learn the offense and command a leadership role in the locker room - something he missed last season because of the lockout. But I don't see him leading the Jaguars to the playoffs. The pieces are coming together, but they're still a year or two away from being the type of team new owner Shahid Khan wants them to be.

Final prediction: Third place, AFC South

What do you think?