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Jaguars Will Not Lower Blackout Number, According To Report

Just an hour ago I wrote about how the Jacksonville Jaguars haven't yet announced what they would do with the new NFL blackout threshold rule, but they shouldn't change it. Well, fast forward an hour and according to Tania Ganguli of The Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars will not change their blackout number.

"We have not finalized our blackout number yet, but it will be the same as last year, or very close, to accomodate some seating initiatives we are considering unrelated to the blackout issue," team president Mark Lamping told Ganguli.

The team hasn't had a blackout since the 2009 season, but the team didn't have many "true" sellouts. As Lamping noted, the Jaguars will not be lowering their blackout threshold for the 2012 NFL season, which they shouldn't. As I explained earlier, if the team sets their blackout threshold then sells above that threshold, their share of the "financial pie" on those tickets is significantly less.