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Jaguars Can Remove Tarps For Games

On Friday evening, a report surfaced that the Jacksonville Jaguars had no plans to lower their blackout number for the 2012 season and utilize the new NFL blackout rule. Oddly enough, Florida Times-Union columnist Gene Frenette tweeted that the team is considered actually raising their blackout number and considering removing the tarps for some games.

Not only are Jaguars not interested in lowering blackout number, presz Mark Lamping told me today Jags might increase it from 51,000 to 55,000. Jags have to inform NFL this week what non-premium seat sellout number they want. Lamping said they may stay put at 51,000, not sure yet ags might go to 55,000 blackout number cuz with new NFL 85 percent blackout rule, it gives them flexibility to lift some tarps 4 big games. Not all the tarps, just some of them and that's only if Jags increase blackout number. Lamping says it's a matter of projecting sales. Lamping said Jags season ticket sales are right where they're at when 2011 season kicked off, which was almost 9,000 short of sellout.

It's an interesting idea if the Jaguars have games they think they can oversell, and they won't actually lose money. With the new rule, if the Jaguars remove some tarps for a game 50 percent of that ticket revenue will go to the visiting team. While the Jaguars won't get extra money, it is money they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.