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Odrick Ray Arrested In Oklahoma


It's the deadzone of the NFL as we idly sit by and wait for the start of training camp for the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is not the time of the year you want a players name to be in the news, especially if it's not for contract purposes. Jaguars defensive tackle Odrick Ray was arrested in Tulsa, Okla. on Friday evening after being pulled over for speeding and not wearing his seatbelt.

Arrest records show that Ray was pulled over just before midnight Friday evening for speeding and not wearing a seat belt. When Ray was discovered to have outstanding warrants, he was taken into custody.

Ray also happened to have outstanding traffic warrants, which lead to the arrest. Ray was part of the Jaguars last season during training camp, but failed to make the roster. He was brought back this season as a defensive tackle, playing defensive end last year and in college, but his chances of making the roster might have just dwindled. Ray turned some heads last season, but was asked to bulk up a bit and try again next year.

Ray played his college football at Tulsa.