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Maurice Jones-Drew Hold Out: Ray Rice, Matt Forte Contract Complicates Things

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Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte was hit with the franchise tag by the team, but the two sides were able to work out a long-term contract prior to the July 16 deadline, which would have forced Forte to play the entire 2012 NFL season on the franchise number.

The two sides were able to come to a 4-year deal worth nearly $32 million. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice also signed a 5-year $40 million deal, both of which could have some effect on the new contract Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is looking to get.

Maurice Jones-Drew has been skipping the Jaguars voluntary and mandatory workouts looking to get a new contract. The Jaguars however are not willing to renegotiate a deal with two-years remaining, unwilling to set a precedent in place to re-do contracts before they're set to expire. Jones-Drew led the NFL in rushing in 2012, on his way to his second consecutive Pro-Bowl and is looking to cash in on his deal.

The Jaguars gave Jones-Drew a new deal in 2009, which made the then unproven running back top 5 paid at his position, but with time passed his deal has been passed as well. Even with other backs signing their deals, like Forte, Jones-Drew still remains one of the Top 10 paid backs in the league.

It's unlikely the team will budge in their contract stance, given the wear on Jones-Drew's tires, so this has led many to wonder if Jones-Drew will show up for training camp or continue to hold out in the hopes of getting a new contract. Personally, I would expected Jones-Drew to report to training camp and if he misses any time, it would likely just be a few days to further hammer his message of wanting a new deal.