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Jaguars Are NFL's Least Valuable Franchise

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Less than a year since Shahid Khan spent $760 million to purchase the Jaguars from Wayne Weaver, Forbes ranks the Jaguars as the 47th most valuable franchise in professional sports. Valued at $725 million, it appears that Khan may have overpaid some for the team.

Just ahead of the Jaguars are Chelsea, an English soccer team of the Premier League, and the Oakland Raiders, who finished in a tie for the 45th spot at $761 million.

While the Jaguars have done relatively well for themselves as far as ticket sales in each of the last two seasons, out-selling both the Dolphins and Buccaneers to be the top ticket seller in Florida, the team is still not a very popular brand nationally and worldwide.

In fact, the Jaguars were ranked as the least popular team in the NFL in a poll released in May. That is something that Khan hopes to change and the best way it can change is through a winning, exciting football team