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Jaguars Flag Football Team: Jon's 2nd Selection

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As is usually the case with picking first, Adam has locked up the best pure passer and receiver with Gabbert and Robinson respectively.

So where do I go with this pick?

I have the option of taking Justin Blackmon and securing my first true receiver on the team, but for some reason I feel I can wait and pick him up later on. There's also Maurice Jones-Drew still available, but while he'd certainly be justified as a second pick, he's not really a prototypical flag player as his game is strictly tackle-related.

Having looked at some offensive options still available, I turned to the defensive side of the ball, and though it was basically a coin flip, in the end I'm taking the younger legs of Derek Cox.

Cox gives my team the best cover corner on the allocated roster we're choosing from, and in turn, gives me the ability to effectively counter Adam's selection of Robinson.

If you've played flag football before, you know having a capable shut down corner is possibly more valuable than having a quarterback with a great arm. With the defenders at times having to guard the receiver for 5 seconds or longer, depending on the rush, Cox's ability to run step for step with the speed of Robinson or any of the opposing receivers, will be critical to our success.

His size, at 6'1 205 lbs, speed, and above average hands, also make him a great target for Zach Miller in our passing attack on offense. We can line him up as a slot guy and expose the middle of the field or even use his previous experience as a kick returner to our advantage by using him in certain hand off plays. He can also be a quality #2 or #3 receiver if necessary.

On to Round 3.