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Jaguars Flag Football Team: Adam's 4th Pick


The construction of my flag football team so far has consisted of me picking the best pure passer, the best receiver and the best pure cover corner. The weakness of my team revolves around whether or not these three players will be able to excel in positions other than those they regularly participate in.

Can Blaine Gabbert do anything on defense at all? Can Rashean Mathis catch a pass or run a route?

While I'm confident that the three players I have at quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback are stronger at their respective positions than the three that Jon took of the same positions, it's obvious that his team has more athleticism and versatility.

I want to rectify that by bringing in some talent that has versatility and will allow my team to work with athleticism that will be perfectly suited for a flag football game. So with the fourth pick for my team, I'm going to select wide receiver Cecil Shorts III.

During his time at Collinwood High School, Shorts started at the team's quarterback, kick returner, punt returner and defensive back positions. In fact, it wasn't until his sophomore year at Mount Union that Shorts made the transition to receiver and saw immediate results.

Lacking in elite size and elite speed, Shorts makes up for it with extremely sharp route running that leaves defenders far away from him. Well at least, in training camp and preseason he has. There's no reason to believe that the same wouldn't be the case in a flag football scenario.

Shorts also provides the offense with many gadget options and an athlete that can be dynamic and allow my team to be creative. Defensively, Shorts has some experience as a defensive back albeit very little experience. Regardless, Shorts has the size and speed necessary to play defense against a receiver like Derek Cox for Jon's team.

This is a player that I am excited to be able to have my hands on with my fourth pick and shapes up my team with an athletic playmaker.