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Jaguars Flag Football Team: Jon's 4th Pick

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We've come to the halfway mark of this "draft", essentially, and so far Adam has added two offensive weapons to go along with Gabbert and Mathis.

I had a feeling he would take another receiver, as flag football leans heavily in favor of scoring a lot of points, but I was a little surprised at Cecil Shorts being the selection. I thought for certain he would select Mike Thomas or possibly even Lee Evans, for their speed and versatility. It could always be a case of me not being really high on Shorts, of course.

As the saying goes though, "one man's trash, is another man's treasure".

I'm selecting, Mike Thomas.

I almost picked Thomas ahead of my third pick, Justin Blackmon, yesterday and when I first agreed to contribute to Adam's idea of this "flag team", Thomas was the first receiver to come to mind when thinking about who I'd select for it.

Thomas' speed and agility make him a perfect compliment to Blackmon's possesion-based traits on the other side. Those same attrbiutes, should make him an absolute headache for Adam's defenders to try and lock down, especially when trying to pull his flag. He also brings the versatility to use anywhere on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.

I foresee using Thomas on the defensive side as either another corner or even using his quickness as an effective pass rusher.

So far, I'm feeling confident my team is going to take this one home for me.