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Jaguars Flag Football Team: Adam's 6th Pick

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With just two picks left for either team, I think this is where the deciding selections will be made. The winning GM between myself and Jon will be the one that avoids picking a player that can be majorly exploited on one particular side of the ball. We have to open our minds up to select the player that isn't the most obvious choice.

With 10 of the top athletes on the Jaguars already gone, I suspect that the last four selections will feature more top athletes and fewers players that have actually been productive during their NFL careers.

So with my sixth pick for my team, I'll select a player that has yet to make a significant contribution on the field for the Jaguars, but is certainly an extremely talented athlete: Chris Prosinski.

Donny Moore, a EA Sports employee that is in charge of creating the ratings for players on the Madden franchise, was certainly impressed with Prosinski prior to his rookie season with the Jaguars:

The 6-1, 201 pound safety ran a 4.39 during his Pro Day at Wyoming and posted an incredibly impressive 39.5" vertical jump that would've tied him for the top mark amongst defensive backs had he been invited to the NFL Combine.

In high school, his athleticism wasn't just used at the safety position as he was named the state of Wyoming's Offensive Player of the Year by the Casper Star-Tribune for his play at the quarterback position. He also contributed to his high school team as a punt returner and led his high school to back-to-back state titles.

As a member of my team Prosinski presents an elite physical talent that can help on offense as much as he can on defense.


For a refresher, the rosters are now as follows:

Adam's roster:
Blaine Gabbert
Laurent Robinson
Rashean Mathis
Cecil Shorts III
Aaron Ross
Chris Prosinski

Jon's roster:
Zach Miller
Justin Blackmon
Derek Cox
Mike Thomas
Lee Evans