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Jaguars Flag Football Team: Adam's 7th Pick

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Alright so it's time for me to make the final selection for my seven man flag football team (Haters rejoice). After spending my first three selections on players that fit their particular role very well without a tremendous amount of versatility, I spent my subsequent three picks on players I felt would be able to fill multiple roles very well with their athleticism.

Now with my final pick I have a variety of options ranging from players as proven as Maurice Jones-Drew to completely unproven, but very athletic players like Mike Brown. However, I'm going to take a shot at tight end Marcedes Lewis with my final selection.

Why Marcedes? Well, for no other reason than he'll be extremely difficult to cover as a receiver. His basketball-type receiving skills on a 6-6, 275 pound frame will make for an excellent target for Blaine Gabbert as he runs through the middle of Jon's secondary.

The problems with picking Lewis are fairly obvious as he likely won't be good for many yards after catch and he's a bit of an awkward athlete to be much use defensively. Regardless, I believe I have the offense necessary to put up enough points to negate any matchup advantage that Jon receives from having Lewis in my secondary.

And with that, my team is completely set:

Blaine Gabbert
Laurent Robinson
Rashean Mathis
Cecil Shorts III
Aaron Ross
Chris Prosinski
Marcedes Lewis