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Big Cat Country 2012 Fantasy Football League - Join in!

As Alfie mentioned in "2012 Fantasy Football with Yahoo" if you're interested in joining the BCC Fantasy Football league this year please send me an email (click my name here – email is within my profile). It's only a 12 team league so it’s filling up fast! League draft is August 18th @ 3 pm and will be live online and is set for the Saturday before the third "most important" pre-season game so everyone will have the opportunity to pre-view this year's crop of players for two practice games.

Side Note - As I am unsure of how many people would be interested in joining this year I would like to state that I would not be opposed to creating two separate leagues and each champion going head to head in week 17 to make things interesting (I'd manually count that week)…just a thought, if there’s enough demand for that sort of thing. Good luck everyone… all your other leagues ;)

EDIT-IF there is a second league obviously we would not be able to have the draft at the same time. It would likely be an hour/hour 1/2 or so later on the same day (August 18th). We'll figure that part out if and/or when we get enough for a second group.