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Jaguars Training Camp Recap: Offense Working Out Kinks


The Jacksonville Jaguars got back out on to the practice field Saturday afternoon for their second consecutive day of practice. It was a particularly muggy day, as while the players were stretching it began to pour down rain for just long enough to make it feel like you were standing in a sweat box for the rest of practice.

Practice got started out on a low note, when quarterback Blaine Gabbert was "sacked" by Jeremy Mincey off the edge. The play continued, as they typically do in camp, and Gabbert stepped forward and rushed a throw which was picked off by safety Dawan Landry for a touchdown. Gabbert was able to settle down however and have a solid practice once again.

Some more observations after the jump.

As mentioned, after the pick-6, Gabbert calmed down and put together solid work of practice. He still missed on some throws with some passes just a touch too long and one or too he rushed and spiked in the dirt, but like the receivers adjusting to a new quarterback, he's adjusting to new receivers. Some of his longer passes seemed to be just a fingertip too long for guys like Laurent Robinson, but on the shorter and intermediate routes Gabbert was one point. There was on particular play where Gabbert threw a laser beam down the middle of the field through defenders hitting Marcedes Lewis in the hole of the zone for a 15-20 yard gain.

Just like with mini-camp, Gabbert looks like a more comfortable player who's no longer figuring out what to do, but how to exploit the coverages he's seeing since he has the offense down.

"From what I can see, [Gabbert] is just more decisive, more in command," Jaguars defensive coordinator Mel Tucker told Gene Frenette of The Florida Times-Union. "It's a different presence."

The Good

  • The Jaguars defensive backfield clearly looks like it's going to be a deep position and one of strength. Kevin Rutland continues to have excellent practices and looks to be growing as a player in the Jaguars defense.
  • The Jaguars defense is way ahead of the offense, which is normal for this time of year. Mel Tucker indicated that the defense is roughly 90 percent installed, a benefit of not having to deal with seven new starters like last season.
  • Rookie linebacker Brandon Marshall is quick and athletic, picking up a sack on Chad Henne in 11 x 11 drills on a blitz up the middle of the offensive line. Marshall timed the blitz perfectly and Henne had no chance.

The Bad

  • Marcedes Lewis looks "big", but I don't want to necessarily call him overweight. Head coach Mike Mularkey said after practice that Lewis needs to get in better shape after he spent the offseason training in California, but overall Lewis did a nice job catching the football in practice.
  • Drops by the wide receivers, still. Guys seem to struggle keeping the football in their hands. Laurent Robinson had a rough day on Saturday, but it was a lot of little things and Mularkey seemed to indicate Robinson might be pressing due to the pressure of being "the guy" after getting his contract.
  • If Chad Henne is going to take the Jaguars quarterback job, like so many national media seem to think, he's going to have to play a hell of a lot better than what he is. Henne seems hesitant in the pocket and indecisive, especially when looking to go down the field. When he does chose to go down the field, he puts too much air under the football and allows the DB to make a play on it. Too often, Henne will choose to check down.

The Ugly

  • Jordan Palmer because Jordan Palmer.
  • Jerry Sullivan had to tear into some wide receivers as they lined up incorrectly, presumably again, which led to Sullivan storming up and scream at them. He said something to the effect of "When will you f------ learn?!"
  • Mike Thomas didn't necessarily have a bad practice per say, but he did have a really bad moment on a particular play. Thomas lined up wide with Gabbert motioning for Thomas to go in motion to the inside. Thomas did move, which led to Gabbert continuing to yell and motion for him to move and led to the play being reset (basically a timeout). When the new play went to the line, Thomas was in the backfield, motioned out and caught a short pass, clearly a designed play.