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Jaguars Training Camp Report: Bryan Anger Throws A Touchdown


The Jacksonville Jaguars got back out on to the practice field on Tuesday morning on a nice, cool overcast day for the final day of July. After the team's typical rotation of individual drills and stretching, the team broke into a special teams practice with Bryan Anger lining up to punt. He didn't punt though, instead he threw a touchdown pass.

The ball was snapped to Anger while Jason Spitz snuck out to the right side and caught a pass for a touchdown.

The play was against no defense whatsoever, but it was nice to finally see the weapon in action.

Some more thoughts after the jump, including a much better day from the offense.

The Good

  • Laurent Robinson and Blaine Gabbert finally appeared to get on the same page at practice today, connecting on quite a few passes including a back shoulder touchdown in redzone drills. Gabbert also hit Robinson on a deep out in 11 x 11 drills about 25 yards down the field, where Robinson ran a perfect route and found himself wide open.
  • Gabbert had a solid day of work overall, as did the entire offense rebounding from their horrible outing yesterday. Gabbert followed up his 1-5 with seven scrambled in drills to going 8-11 in 7 x 7 drills including a touchdown. There was another running play where Aaron Ross showed blitz on Gabbert's hard count, which led to Gabbert calling an audible with a running play that went for a big gain to the opposite side of the blitz.
  • Despite getting talked to from Gabbert for running a lazy route, Mike Thomas rebounded today and caught virtually everything thrown his way.
  • Rookie cornerback Mike Harris keeps getting himself on the field more and more because he just makes plays. Harris found himself working with the first team in nickel a bit on Tuesday.
  • The defensive ends had a very good day of practice as Andre Branch had a very good day, even holding up very well against the run. Austen Lane, Jeremy Mincey, and George Selvie also continue to look good, especially Mincey.

The Bad

  • The offense line needs some work, but for much of the day they were working with Eben Britton as the only "starting" offensive lineman running with the first team.

The Ugly

  • Will Rackley's potential injury. He was on crutches after practice and will be getting an X-Ray once the swelling goes down.