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Josh Scobee, Jaguars Restart Contract Talks

The Jacksonville Jaguars and kicker Josh Scobee hadn't talked about a contract for months, according to Scobee's agent. This lead to Scobee stating publicly he was frustrated with how the offseason was going for him. The two sides have restarted contract talks however, according to a report by Vito Stellino of The Florida Times-Union.

Kicker Josh Scobee and the Jaguars have resumed contract talks according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

The two sides hadn't talked for months after the Jaguars put the franchise tag on him until they started up again recently in advance of the July 16 deadline.

Scobee has yet to sign the franchise tag, which the Jaguars placed on him during NFL free agency. Under the tag, Scobee would make $2.88 million for the 2012 NFL season and the two sides have until July 16 to work out a long term deal.

With talks re-opened, the two sides will try to work out a deal before the deadline.