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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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In January of 2009, Gene Smith became the general manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Since then he has been met with loads of scrutiny for several reasons. The team really hasn’t had anything to celebrate since the 2007 AFC Wildcard game when David Garrard and the Jags beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. The fan base was furious for not drafting he-who-will-not-be-named. The overall identity of the team shifted from the rough and tough big bad new team on the block with a chip on the shoulder, to a second rate, least popular team in the league.

Just get Scobee signed | July

As I attempt to get back into things here at The Jaggernaut over the next month, I'll be taking a look at big topics. The first of which is the lack of progress made in Josh Scobee's contract situation. Here's the truth of it. Brian McIntyre of detailed the available cap space all 32 teams in the league currently have. The Jaguars have the most space in the league at just over $25.1 million.