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Jaguars 'Fans' And Hilarious Demands To Get Back In The Stadium


The NFL has recently made an effort to get fans back into NFL stadiums, given that overall attendance numbers in the league has dipped in the past few seasons. One of the things new owner Shad Khan did different than in the past was hire a team president, who's job was to re-engage the community and "rebirth" the fan base, bringing more folks back into EverBank Field. The NFL just "liberalized" their rules governing stadium noise and allowing the PA announcers to hype of the crowd, trying to create a more fun atmosphere for these newly brought back fans.

This of course sparked the always fun sports caller radio topic. Mike Dempsey of 1010XL raised the question to his listeners of what would get them back in the stadium, and expectedly the resulting calls and suggestions were just buckets of laughter and ill-thought out suggestions. Unfortunately, a show like this will wind up dominated by slack-jawed yokels who use it as a shouting point for all the nonsensical reasons they don't go to Jaguars games and suggest things that would get them to go that are either nonsensical or something that's already there.

These people however, as we all know too well, aren't ever going to a game. One suggestion though, just tickled me with delight.

I believe my favorite suggestion that callers had was offering child care at EverBank Field during football games. While in immediate thought this sounds like a great idea, if you think about the execution of the idea, it's a God awful suggestion.

Generally the people who want child care at the game want it because either a babysitter would be too expensive on game day or they don't want to buy a full-price ticket for their child to attend the game with them. Well... how much do you think it's going to cost for child care AT THE STADIUM? You think that's going to be cheap? I pay almost as much for day care as I pay for my mortgage, and I have what's considered cheap day care. What do you think it's going to cost for a day of one-off care during a sporting event at the sporting event? Probably as much or more than a game ticket.

Maybe I'm crazy, old fashioned, or both... but when I purchase a ticket to watch a football game, that's exactly what I plan to do when I go there. Watch a football game. I could really care less about what's going on around me, unless you know someone is trying to shank me or something.

Anyway, this rant seemed a bit too long for twitter, so I decided to drop it in here this fine morning.

What would you suggest the team adds during game day for the "experience", while were on the subject? I like Joe Fisher's idea of a beer garden instead of tarps... maybe a Bold City Brewery and an Intuition Ale Works beer garden on opposite sides of the stadium?