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Black and Teal Legends: Counting Down the Top Twenty-Five Jaguars of All-Time (#15)

We continue our list of the Top-25 Jaguars of all-time. Yesterday's voting was strongly sided one way, as out of 212 votes at last count, 53% of you agreed with Mike Pete's positioning on our list. Entering the top fifteen now, we begin getting to the "cream of the crop" of the all-time Jag greats.

I anticipate some of the same backlash with our #15 player that we experienced with a couple of guys in our Top 25. As I said in the last segment, I wrestled with this player and Mike Peterson being placed in this spot, but in the end this player's role in the team's most successful period as well as his NFL impact, won out.

That said, here we go....

#15. Mike Hollis, K, 1995-2001

From the Jaguars inaugural season through their miracle run in 1996 and into the following three years of playoff success, Mike Hollis was a Jacksonville staple and as clutch a kicker as there was in the NFL.

Hollis began his Jaguars career somewhat inconsistently. He was only 20 of 27 with a relatively lousy 74% field goal percentage in 1995. Following that season, however, Hollis would go on a five year tear that would place him among the great kickers in NFL history.

In 1996, Hollis finished the regular season with an 83.3% field goal percentage, including going 21/23 from field goals between 0-40 yards, and 2/3 from 50+ yards. His kicks were the deciding score in three of the Jaguars last five games that propelled them into the miracle post-season run, including an overtime win against Baltimore and the season finale' against Atlanta that clinched the playoff spot for the Jags. During that playoff run, Hollis was a vital participant. He made the game winning field goal at Buffalo in the Wild Card game, and went 3/3 in field goal attempts the following week, helping the Jags pull off the historic upset in Denver. A game that was decided by a difference of three points.

He followed up his strong breakout season in '96, by going 30/36 for an 86.1% field goal percentage in 1997. Again, he played a pivotal role in the Jags making their second straight playoff appearance. For his performance, which included going 41/41 in extra point attempts as well as leading the NFL in Points Scored, Hollis was elected to his first and only Pro Bowl. Hollis continued his strong play in '98, with another 80% performance over the regular season and 100% extra point percentage.

Hollis continued his 80+% streak in 1999, going 20/22 from field goals attempted between 0-40 yards, as well as 1/1 from 50+ yards, for an 81.1% field goal percentage. He also continued his streak of 100% extra points made, as the team set a franchise record for wins, and played in it's second AFC Championship game.

Despite his contributions to the team's playoff successes, Hollis' best season came at the beginning of the downturn of the Coughlin Era. In 2000, though missing four games due to injury, Hollis set his career as well as the franchise mark for field goal percentage, with 92.3%. During this season, he was 6/7 from 0-30 yards, a perfect 8/8 from 30-39 yards, 7/8 from 40-49 yards, and a perfect 3/3 from 50+ yards. Hollis also capped a five consecutive year streak of 100% extra point percentage. Thanks to these strong numbers, Hollis became the most accurate kicker in NFL history, (at that time).

He played one more season for the Jaguars, and after the 2001 season, was among a plethora of Coughlin Era veterans that were let go due to cap restrictions. He played one more season in 2002 with the Buffalo Bills, before retiring in 2003 due to a back injury, shortly after signing with the New York Giants.

Hollis finished his career as the Jaguars All-Time Leading Scorer, as well as the record holder for career field goals both attempted and made. He currently ranks 32nd all-time in field goal percentage, and 31st all-time in extra point percentage in NFL history. Hollis also ranks #66 all-time in points scored, in NFL history.

Hollis and his family currently reside in Jacksonville, and he is active in Jaguars alumni events in the community.

The Top-25 List:

#25. Aaron Beasley, CB, 1996-2001

#24. Bryan Barker, P, 1995-2000

#23. Donovin Darius, S, 1998-2006

#22. David Garrard, QB, 2002-2010

#21. Josh Scobee, K, 2004-Present

#20. Kyle Brady, TE, 1999-2006

#19. Kevin Hardy, LB, 1996-2001

#18. Brad Meester, C, 2000-Present

#17. Vince Manuwai, G, 2003-2010

#16. Mike Peterson, LB, 2003-2008

#15. Mike Hollis, K, 1995-2001