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2012 NFL Supplemental Draft To Be Held On Thursday, July 12

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On July 12 at 1 p.m., the NFL will hold its annual supplemental draft and no one should expect the Jaguars to be big players. In fact, the Jaguars have never once selected a player in the supplemental draft and in the 17 years since the Jaguars joined the NFL, only seven players have been selected at all.

The supplemental draft features teams essentially bidding on the available players with the draft selection they would be willing to part with for a particular prospect. The team that is willing to give up the highest pick is awarded that player and loses a draft pick in the next draft equal to the winning bid.

However, the supplemental draft is usually filled with players that were ineligible for April's NFL Draft or were dismissed from the college program sometime during the offseason. As such, the players are usually passed on as supplemental draft prospects by teams.

Seven prospects will be available for selection on Thursday: Josh Gordon, Ed Wesley, Quaylon Ewing, Adam Harris, Adrian Haughton, Larry Lumpkin, Montez Robinson, and Houston Tuminello.