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Around The AFC South

More on Chris Johnson as a Changed Football Player - Music City Miracles

This offseason has been a good one for Chris Johnson, and no one needed a better offseason than CJ. He went from one of the most popular Titans to one of the most hated almost over night. Playing with questionable effort after signing a big deal will do that to you. Last offseason the stories were all about his holdout. This year, the stories have all been about how hard he is working. Yesterday I saw this story from Arthur Arkush of Pro Football Weekly. Here is what he had to say about CJ:

Matt Schaub: Backup Quarterback In Fantasy Football? - Battle Red Blog

Joe Fortenbaugh of NFP penned an article yesterday examining three (3) QBs who are going later in fantasy drafts than usual yet could still provide excellent value for fantasy owners. One of the three QBs Fortenbaugh identified was none other than Houston's own Matt Schaub. In his write-up on Schaub, Fortenbaugh said something that caught my eye.

Colts Like What They See From Rookie Tight Ends - Stampede Blue

Ryan Grigson's decision to take back-to-back tight ends in the second and third rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft is looking good so far. In an article posted on on Saturday, Charlie Campbell wrote that Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen have both impressed the Colts coaching staff this offseason, according to league sources.