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Jaguars Need A New Stadium, Apparently

While a lot of the talk of the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to Los Angeles has died or just championed by the ignorant, a new fun talk has cropped up. The Jaguars now join a list of teams who could be looking for a new stadium, apparently. EverBank Field was "built" in 1995, and in my personal opinion is just fine as a stadium goes, especially with the recent upgrades. While the Jaguars could do well for themselves building a 62,000 seat stadium, it's not really something that needs to be thought about anytime soon.

From's Albert Breer (h/t Fivus Vierner):

Jacksonville Jaguars: Shad Khan's still in his infancy as an NFL owner, so the Jags aren't going anywhere for a while. But this market's a tough one for the league, and the club has laid out to the city what it needs in renovations to make cavernous EverBank Field work. The Jags also have options to leave if this situation worsens. One is a three-year process, where they'd have to lose money one year, land under the league average in revenue the next two years, then pay off outstanding bonds. The other is a straight buyout, at a significant cost. For now, the Jags are staying. Long-term, things are murkier.

Yes, the future... 20 years from now is quite murky.