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Jaguars Training Camp News

Rashad Jennings staying on message as he works as Jaguars' top running back |

It was a completely futile effort. Monday, several reporters tried to get Jaguars backup running back Rashad Jennings to say what is reasonable to assume he feels. That getting the repetitions that would have belonged to running back Maurice Jones-Drew and being the Jaguars starting running back, at least as long as Jones-Drew holds out, is a good thing for Jennings. But throughout his time in Jacksonville, Jennings has consistently, stubbornly and sometimes apologetically repeated a mantra.

Inside Training Camp, Day 4

Second-year left guard Will Rackley sustained an ankle injury Tuesday. Rackley, a third-round selection in the 2011 NFL Draft from Lehigh University, turned his right ankle in the morning practice, and was carted from the field. He later was on crutches with a boot protecting the ankle. Jaguars Head Coach Mike Mularkey said Rackley was to have the ankle X-rayed Tuesday. "I don’t anticipate it being bad, but I’ll know more once he’s had a night to sleep on it," Mularkey said.

Practice notes from Jacksonville - AFC South Blog - ESPN

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Some observations from the Jaguars’ first practice in full pads, with an emphasis on them being just snapshots: Quarterback Blaine Gabbert didn’t look like a guy who’s made the big jump out of an offseason many of us expected. There are subtle improvements for sure, some I can see (better footwork) and some I am sure I can’t. But he still throws an occasional ball into the ground well in front of an intended receiver on a play that is basically just given away. You watch it and don't understand how it still happens. He threw one into the ground in front of Laurent Robinson and another short of Mike Thomas. After the throw to Thomas, Gabbert talked with him, so maybe there was miscommunication about where he should have been. I continue to believe he needs more time and can be effective with these coaches, but I didn't come away from this morning session feeling like he was much more effective than the last time I saw him.