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Giants Vs. Jaguars Final: Late Comeback Gives Jaguars 32-31 Victory


The Jaguars defeated the New York Giants 32-21 in the first preseason game of the year for each team on the back of late comeback that featured 11 unanswered points to conclude the fourth quarter. While the team was able to earn a late comeback for the win, the story for the Jaguars should certainly be the evident improvement of Blaine Gabbert seen in his first drive of the game.

After leading a 13 play, 89-yard drive the rest of Gabbert's night was uneventful before he left the game after a sack/fumble during his third series. In the first half, though, the Giants were able to score 24 straight points on four possessions to take an early 17 point lead.

Strong defense in the second half that featured sacks from D'Anthony Smith, Aaron Morgan and Ryan Davis stifled the Giants offense and the Jaguars were able to take advantage of a second muffed punt by the Giants to stay within striking distance.

Jordan Palmer finished the game as the leading passer for the Jaguars with 110 yards passing and a successful two point conversion to Matt Veldman while Mike Thomas led the Jaguars in receiving with 89 yards.