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Mike Thomas Erases Training Camp Woes


Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Mike Thomas had garnered some warranted ire from fans, media, and myself for his poor training camp performance. Thomas struggled in camp doing just the little things, struggling with drops even against air and running some routes that drew criticism from wide receiver coach Jerry Sullivan.

Well, he shut us all up on Friday evening.

In just sixty minutes of football, Thomas just about erased his two weeks of camp and mini-camp, putting on a performance in the Jaguars Friday evening 32-31 victory of the New York Giants in the 2012 NFL preseason. Thomas ended the game with 4 catches for 89 yards, including a big grab on the Jaguars opening touchdown drive.

"Yeah Mike Thomas had a great night," quarterback Blaine Gabbert said after the game. "All our receivers had a great night. We made a bunch of plays and he almost had the big deep ball down the sideline but he played really well."

"Yeah he converted a couple third downs with me, and that’s crucial," Gabbert said. "He ran great routes and the O-line did a great job protecting and we got the ball out."