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Eugene Monroe Injury Update: Jaguars LT Travels To New Orleans


Jacksonville Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe left practice midway through on Wednesday after suffering a blow to the head. The scare was that Monroe might have suffered a concussion, but nothing at that point was conclusive.

"He got hit in the head in an earlier period and we’re just going to make sure he’s fine," head coach Mike Mularkey said on Wednesday after practice. "I don’t think it’s anything serious but we’ll check it out. As far as I know he got hit and went in early."

Monroe will be tested for a concussion and did travel with the team to New Orleans, according to Mark Long of the Associated Press, but his status for the game is still unknown at this point.

As mentioned before, the Jaguars are dinged up as is on the offensive line, but it that may be a reason to not rush Monroe back into action on Friday against the Saints even if he passes his concussion tests.