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Fred Taylor Forgives Tank Black

Longtime Jacksonville Jaguars fans are familiar with the saga of running back Fred Taylor and agent Tank Black. Black defrauded plenty of athletes in the 1990's, including losing $3.6 million of Taylor's and other player's in a series of scams. While not on the same level, Black has been tabbed as the "Bernie Madoff" of sports.

Black was charged with money laundering by federal prosecutors in Michigan and charged by Justice Department officials with defrauding millions from several NFL players, including Taylor. At first, Taylor vehemently defended Black. But soon he found himself at a bank, applying for a $100,000 loan just so he could get through the 2001 offseason.

Recently however, according to Yahoo! Sports, Taylor reached out to Black and forgave him.

"I had to forgive him," Taylor told Eric Adelson of Yahoo!. "I was pissed for a while. I was pissed for a long time."

Taylor didn't just forgive him, but according to Adelson, Taylor thanked Black for making him the man he is today.