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How To Sell Jaguars In London To Jacksonville

Now that we've gotten all our jokes out and pissed a lot of people off, let's take a look at how the Jaguars can sell the games in London to the city of Jacksonville and Jaguars fans.

ESPN's Paul Kurharsky lays it out well in this piece here:

I'd start by telling fans this: A season ticket package is expensive. It just got smaller and less expensive for the next four seasons. Instead of a 10-game slate, you get nine. (Sorry we can't fix the preseason rip-off part, that predated our ownership.) Nine is cheaper than 10. You can live without one. And that one is going to help us in the revenue department in a way that should make us a more stable franchise, assuring you at least nine.

It's really not a bad thing for Jacksonville and can really be seen as a win-win. It expands the product globally for a team who looks like they're on the rise. Not only that, but it removes pressure from the market.