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Jaguars Roster Review: Losers From Preseason Game 2

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There were a handful of players in the Jacksonville Jaguars matchup with the New Orleans Saints on Friday night who both helped their position on the roster and some who hurt their position. While it's only the second preseason game and you can't take too much from it, there are things players can do to push themselves up or down the depth chart and earn more or less playing time.

Here are some players who hurt their causes to make the final 53:


Guy Whimper, Offensive Tackle: It's not much of a surprise to anyone that Guy Whimper struggled in pass protection when thrust back into the starting lineup. The Jaguars seem to like him as a swing backup offensive tackle, but his struggles in pass protection make him a real liability on the offensive line.

Chad Henne, Quarterback: According to the coaching staff, Henne will continue to be the backup quarterback despite his poor play, which should be no surprise since the team paid him a $3 million signing bonus. Henne continues to struggle however, and while he is playing with backups he's also playing against backups.

Chris Prosinski, Safety: While Prosinski led the team in tackles on Friday night, he also missed quite a few and was part of a blown coverage for a long touchdown in the game. Prosinski also had a couple of bad run "fits" in a row and some missed tackles as he did last season. While Prosinski is a super athlete, he seems to play a bit "out of control" and as of now I'm not sure he'll be more than a special teamer/back up, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Rod Issac, Safety: Does he exist?