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Jaguars To Play In London, Missing Big Picture


London. Future home of the Jaguars!

As reported earlier, Shad Khan sent an email to Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holders outlining the plans of the team's trips to London. While we here at Big Cat Country are extremely positive on the idea of the Jaguars increasing their brand awareness, it has come to our attention that fans are somewhat irate. While the criticism surrounding the decision to play in London is somewhat valid when perceived through the prism of those criticizing it, we here at Big Cat Country have found a different reason to criticize the plan. Why just London?

A cursory look at a globe Google Maps shows that there are numerous places that are ripe for Jaguars football! Here are just a few ideas that the staff at Big Cat Country were throwing around the keg water cooler this morning:


Beautiful Venice, Italy! The city of canals! Due to global warming strange weather conditions, this beautiful Italian city is slowly being swallowed by the sea. What would lift the spirits of this charming Italian city more than watching the Jaguars play 'futbol'? Here's an added bonus for Jaguars fans traveling to Venice: PIZZA! Why go to Domino's when you can have actual Italian pizza!


Historic Beijing! Home to 19 million potential Jaguars fans, the capital city of the People's Republic of China would be a destination worth noting. China is ripe for American Football. Yao Ming, noted NBA All-Star, was said to have been an avid fan of the Houston Texans. With his star power behind the NFL, the Jaguars can soon add more than a billion fans! Here's an added bonus for Jaguars fans traveling to Beijing: Like Panda Express? Imagine an entire city that is one huge Panda Express!!


Exotic South America! How cool would it be for the Jacksonville Jaguars to actually play in the habitat of Jaguars, the Jungle! With mosquitoes and crushing humidity, the South American jungle will feel just like home to Jacksonvillians!


The Moon! Shrouded in mystery, the Jaguars playing several games on the moon would increase Jacksonville's presence to the Universe! Imagine how great Maurice Jones Drew Rashad Jennings would be with limited gravity! Blaine Gabbert would never ground ball his passes! The Moon is the future for the Jacksonville Jaguars.