Open Letter to MJD

..Some people are die hard politic nuts. Some people are die hard religeous zealots. I'm just a fan who's All IN. I've posted it everywhere else, why not here - My open letter to MJD, and NO, I don't have a fucking clue who Mike Lombardi is... ;-)

To: Maurice

From: A Jag’s Fan

I just want to get this out there first and foremost - We are a better team with you, MJD. Besides, 2 solid backs are always better than one, and you're the one that showed us how awesome it is to have two great backs when you and FreddyT teamed up and put clinics on for other teams to see. Hell, for the record, I'll say that you and Fred are the REASON teams started going RBBC. You guys drew up the blueprint.


Your agent says that we’re taking this public and that’s a bold-faced lie and you know it. It's not even good spin. We, The Jaguars, said from the beginning that there would be NO NEGOTIATIONS; but you felt that you could persuade them to change their mind. You assumed that we would come out flat and get whipped up on by the NYGs and the BountyGate Saints and start a freakin' coup. Absolutely blowing up your phone and begging you to come to camp and start carrying the rock again.

Dude. Pay attention to what’s going on in NE Florida. We have a NEW owner that is doing everything he can to pimp the Jags brand. We have a NEW head coach that is doing his best to prove everyone that he deserves his title because he learned from his mistake in Buffalo. We have a NEW culture, one that is starting without you. It's NOT the same old JDR song and dance with WW, aww shucks, we’ll get ‘em next year attitudes. There's not only a new sheriff in town, we've got a new mayor, new deputies, new Fire Chief and a new Judge.... Wake Up!

The media, your agent and some Gene Smith haters are portraying this as the Jags poking the bear, but you’ve got it all wrong, son, Kahn is the bear – a big f-bomb-ing (legit word says Websters!) bear who will poke who he wants, how he wants and when he wants. He’s the owner of the franchise and he isn’t worried about one player – just winning; and even with your rushing title, we only went 5-11 (aside: not your fault per se, but now you’re getting blasted since Blaine cut his hair and has a 128+ QB rating, just sayin’)

You want a trade…. sure, how about NO.

You want more money….. we’ve been saying NO this whole time, it's not gonna happen.

Your feelings are hurt, you don’t feel loved, you want a team to want you…. Dude, get real. Your feelings would be fine with a new contract, but you can’t seem to get it… Kahn isn’t going to give you one. Hell, you may not even get one next year. And... if you keep pushing, you might find yourself franchised the year after that….

To mash a few quotes together that I've heard/read recently, "You don’t ever leave the huddle, because you don’e know who’s coming in the huddle, but the train’s leaving and the concern needle isn’t moving. You better Run MJD and hop on."

Regards, Tony

ps – I AM going to boo you when you first step out on the field. After that, dude, all’s forgiven and I'll cheer my ass off as you mow those f-ers down little Pocket Hercules.

Go Jags – All IN.

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