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Jaguars Should Put The Pressure On Maurice Jones-Drew


Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew still has not yet reported to the Jaguars, in the hopes of receiving a new contract, and has also floated the notion that he's open to being traded publicly through his agent. The Jaguars on the other hand do not seem as if they plan to give Jones-Drew on either a new deal or facilitate a trade, unless another team just blows them away with an offer.

So, how can this standoff come to a resolution?

The Jaguars can apply more public pressure to Jones-Drew by giving him an ultimatum.

Currently, the Jaguars can be fining Jones-Drew $30,000 a day during his hold out, which is now pushing nearly $1,000,000 in total fines as the Jaguars head towards their third preseason game. The Jaguars should publicly state that if Jones-Drew reports to the team by Friday (Aug. 24) and ends his hold out, they will waive the fines outright. If Jones-Drew does not report however, they will fully impose the $30,000-a-day fines he may be incurring.

Doing so puts all of the public pressure on Jones-Drew. This might also make Jones-Drew dig his heels in more, but Khan has already made it known he doesn't plan to cave and will continue on with or without Maurice Jones-Drew.