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Madden 13 Ratings: NFL Rookies Rate Themselves

SB Nation studios recently caught up with some of the top rookies of the 2012 NFL draft class to talk to them about Madden 13, including Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick Justin Blackmon.

Polygon, Vox Media's new gaming vertical, has also gotten their hands on a copy and reviewed the game. Here's a quick snippet of the review and you can read the full review here:

As sports simulation titles get increasingly complicated, their developers will have to provide more, not less, in the way of tutorials. Madden 13 gives players a ton of options without explaining them in detail, and that's an issue. But Madden NFL 13 represents a giant leap over its predecessors. It's easily the best Madden title of this console cycle, and it's notable for the ways in which it clearly sets the stage for Tiburon to make a graceful transition into the next generation. The on-field experience is stellar, and Connected Careers' staggering scope allows it to transcend its shortcomings. For the first time in ages, Madden's future is bright.

Score: 8 out of 10