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Jaguars Suddenly Thin At Defensive End


The Jacksonville Jaguars looked as if they might have some tough decisions when it came to cutting the roster at defensive end, but in just a single preseason game they now appear to be paper thin at the position. The Jaguars had three defensive ends go down against the Baltimore Ravens as George Selvie sprained his knee, Odrick Ray suffered an injury, and Aaron Morgan was carted off the field with an ankle injury.

"It's going to be a couple weeks with George," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said on Saturday. "About three weeks."

Ray, who the coaches are seemingly high on because of his versatility is now under the concussion program. "Odrick is day by day with the concussion test. It's just a matter of passing that test and we will have him back," said Mularkey.

Fortunately, Aaron Morgan returned to practice for the Jaguars Saturday and should be good to go going forward. In some more bad news, Austen Lane is still behind, "a few weeks away" as Mularkey put it, but the team did have undrafted rookie defensive tackle Corvey Irvin play some defensive end in the game on Thursday, and were pleased with what they saw.

"The one thing Corvey Irvin without doing any reps outside of defensive end played a lot of snaps for us in the game," Mularkey said. "Basically he moved out there for us in the fourth quarter. I thought he did an outstanding job of not playing the position and being effective out there and really not being drained. He played a lot of snaps."