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NFL Cuts: Jaguars Release Colin Cloherty, Odrick Ray


It's cut day in the NFL as teams try to get down to 53 players on their roster. The Jacksonville Jaguars have gotten started by releasing tight end Colin Cloherty and defensive lineman Odrick Ray.

Cloherty had looked good against the New Orleans Saints in the preseason catching three passes for 35 yards and a touchdown, but tweeted that he was disappointed in being released. The Jaguars are thin at the tight end position, so the release of Cloherty likely signals that Zach Miller will be back in time for the opener with his injury or that the team is planning to sign another tight end.

Defensive lineman Odrick Ray has also been released, according to a report. Ray had proven to be a versatile lineman who could play on the insider or at the defensive end position. Ray was likely a victim of a roster squeeze at the defensive line position.